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Well-fitted clothing can make you look and feel sharper, more professional and more comfortable. Our highly-experienced and capable Thompson Tailors understand that each person has a different body shape and we strive to satisfy our customers individual needs and goals.

Below are some of our most common services but tailoring is such a broad field it’s hard to highlight the full extent of our services.

Bring your project by and we’ll discuss the possibilities at no charge. Our Thompson Tailors are very experienced and flexible and look forward to working on solutions with you!


Having clothing taken-in is one of the most popular alterations. Well-tailored clothing will not only fit you better it will look and feel like they were made for your body.

  • pants sides and waist
  • business and casual shirts
  • skirts, casual and formal dresses
  • any kind of jacket

Curious about having clothing tailored for the first time? Bring us a shirt and watch it become your new favorite after it is made to fit you properly!


For pants (waist), jackets (sides), skirts and casual & formal dresses (sides). If you have clothing that feels too tight or small but you’d like to be able to keep using them, letting-out can often make your clothing relax into your body shape.

When we look at your clothing, we will be able to tell you how much we can let-out the clothing before you decide to have it altered. Our professional Thompson Tailors can alter your clothes to make you feel more comfortable.


For jeans, trousers, skirts, shirts (sleeves and hem), casual & formal dresses (straps and hem) and jackets (sleeves and hem). We can shorten the length of various clothing while maintaining the original style and hem. This is usually the easiest way to make your too-large clothing look like it was made for you, although when done alone it wouldn’t have the same overall impact as taking-in would have. Just ask our Thompson Tailors what they would recommend to be altered in order to have the best looking garment when completed!


For jeans, trousers, skirts and jacket sleeves. If you just want to get a little extra length out of your clothing, this is the alteration for you. It could be extending your favorite new pants that just shrunk in the wash, or altering sleeves so they fit your growing youth or even extending new clothes to look like they were made for you. We can lengthen your garments by adding a false hem to the maximum length with minimal visual impact.


From repairing a ripped seam or fixing a shoulder pad to replacing buttons, hooks and any other fasteners – don’t despair! Are your favorite jeans ripped at the crotch? This is the most common place for a rip to occur. Our Thompson Tailors will repair them for you by putting a patch under the torn area and stitching at the top to hide the issue as much as possible, while reinforcing them to prevent the rip from happening again. Depending on the details, we can sometimes repair them in a way that you can’t even tell the clothing was ripped.

Wedding & Formal Wear

From wedding gowns, bridesmaid dresses, flower girl dresses, suits and tuxedos, we cover a wide variety of clothing alterations and have significant experience in all types of wedding and formal wear clothing. Let our Thompson Tailors give you the gift of comfortable well-fitted clothing alterations for your special day!

Zippers >>

We stock various zipper types and sizes and can repair or replace them for pants, jeans, skirts, jackets, jumpers, cushions and also invisible zippers for dresses.

Leather & Suede >>

We can do minor or major alterations on your leather or suede jacket to make it look perfect on you. This looks very sharp and professional. We can clean them too!

Remodelling >>

We can make some small or major alterations to the style of a garment to create a unique new look. Drop in to discuss the possibilities at no charge.